Nest Charleston

Let us help you find the investment program that best fits your needs:

1. Nest Egg




There has been a recurring debate over the years over the best avenue for investing your money: stocks or real estate. Many people, including investors, typically think of the stock market as providing the biggest returns, but recently there’s been a renewed interest in real estate as an investment, and for good reason—low home prices and low interest rates mean high rates of return and cash flow.


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2.  Leaving the Nest

Can investing in real estate pay for your child's college?  The beauty of this plan is that you are essentially paying for your child's education with other peoples money.   Learn more about this college saving plan that pays for itself.  Addionally, many parents have experienced great success purchasing a home for their child to live in while in college.  Instead of paying high rents the right property can not only allow your child to live for free or close to it but also provides tax benefits and appreciation returns on investment. 


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3. Second  Nest
Looking for a regular southern escape that makes sense financially?  A second home can also be a great investment property.
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