Why Charleston?

It’s no longer a secret that Charleston is also one of the best places in the world to live and visit. Charleston has a diversity, sophistication, natural beauty and cultural richness that can be matched by few other U.S. cities. Vacationers,young professionals, retirees and investors from every walk of life from all over the world have taken notice. As a result, Charleston’s real estate market is one of the most robust markets in the U.S. and the investment potential is the strongest it has been in years. While some areas have recently seen a significant drop off in home sales, Charleston and its surrounding areas continue to grow and develop.

So we have established that everyone loves Charleston, and agents and investors will tell you it has remained one of the more stable markets in the country, but another crucial element in the Charleston investment model is its strict architectural review board. On the peninsula the city’s height restrictions, 50′ in residential areas and 55′ in commercial areas, and protected historic properties make the 365 degree investment area very tight. Using the basic economic rule of supply and demand when analyzing investment potential of a property, it’s simple: rare and desirable are key attributes of a successful portfolio.

It is also important to remember that every real estate transaction is an investment including your personal home. While people typically think of rental properties, commercial properties, or “fix and flips” as traditional investment properties your personal home also provides tax benefits and an opportunity to regain your “rent” (live for free) and often a great return on your initial investment. For every new construction property there is a historic home waiting to be restored to its former glory. There are also many historic duplexes and commercial properties restored or waiting to be. The number and variety of real estate opportunities in Charleston are endless and there is an investment to meet every buyers budget and needs.

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