The Ugly T Word

Taxes! Nobody likes to talk about them but it's one of the first and most common questions a buyer will ask when they start to look for a new home. Yearly property taxes are an important part of your monthly home budget and they are different in every city.

Here are Charleston property taxes *sort of* explained. Charleston gives a tax discount to owner occupants and charges investment properties and vacation homes at a higher rate. Owner occupants pay a 4% rate while other homes are charged at 6%. But it is also not a full 4 or 6%. To figure out what your property tax will be take the assessed value (assume it will end up being your purchase price) and times it by 4% or 6% and then times that by the millage rate (which changes every year and even varies based on your area of Charleston but is currently 0.2676 Downtown). There are also other discounts the city gives to owner occupants so it's almost impossible to perfectly calculate what your taxes will be without this great new tax estimator the city finally created. Just plug in your purchase price, your area and your assessment ratio and it gives you your estimated tax.

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